All our services are designed with your child’s health in mind. Learn more about what we have to offer.

We offer excellent pediatric consultations that can be previously scheduled. Our emergency consultations have a wait time of between 2 and 6 hours, while our scheduled consultations can be scheduled starting from 12 hours in advance. Our consultations last approximately 40 minutes or more, varying from case to case. During each consultation we review the medical history, diagnose and treat the child.

We also offer growth and development consultations. During these consultations an in-depth analysis of your child’s measurements will be used to evaluate their development and ensure their growth within healthy parameters.

Beyond the home, we also offer daycares and schools medical attention, as well as on-line consultations. Our aim is to always be within your reach when you need us, which is why we offer many different ways to enjoy our services.

Post-natal care  is another service we offer. We ensure the correct development of your child in their first years of life. We give every parent the necessary tools to raise healthy children.

Among other services, we also offer : medical certification. However, please be aware that in this service does not include transport to hospitals (primary transport), respiratory therapies, nor does it include prescribed medications.

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    • Pediatric Consultation
    • Schedules Consultations
    • Growth and Development Consultation
    • Daycare and School Medical Attention
    • On-line Consultation
    • Medical Certifications
    • At-home Vaccination
    • Post-natal Care

Our team is not only especially trained in the scientific knowledge of pediatrics, but they are also people who posses high levels of interpersonal skills, respect and a profound love for their profession and children. This is why we are able to give #AttentionWithHeart

All our doctors are vetted and directed by our MEDICAL DIRECTOR Dr. Dr. Ivan Francisco Pérez Herrera


Dr. Ivan Francisco Pérez Herrera,

Ivan is a pediatric doctor graduated from the San Jose Hospital. He has over 15 years of experience in all areas of pediatric patient care. Tiene más de 15 años. Moreover, he is an active member of the Colombian Pediatrics Society.

During his trajectory, he has provided his medical services to various health institutions in both the private and public sector acting in the roles of assistant, teacher, director as well as in the pharmaceutical industry. His work has been outstanding due to his constant study of academic development and the continued search of scientific knowledge; As a result, in the last two years he has received awards from the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) and the Informatics Network of Advanced Medicine (RIMA). In addition, he has been a speaker at national pediatric conferences and continuing education talks with other pediatric professionals.

Entonces no deje de darle un vistazo a los siguientes imágenes y videos que sólo son un destello de cómo trabajamos.


We recieve payments in cash or bank transfers prior to medical consultations.

We also have agreements with the following entities:


The supply and application of vaccines is provided by our ally Suplimed Hospitalario, IPS and administered by certified nurses to guarantee quality of service.

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Discounts for laboratory exams ordered by our pediatricians during at-home consultations.